iOS x-callback-url Support

You can launch Calca from other apps using the calca:// URL scheme.

Calca supports x-callback-url:

a standardized means for iOS developers to expose and document the methods they make available to other apps.

The pattern for the URL is:


Two actions are supported:



create a new document with the name title and with the contents body. It is saved in the active storage location in the folder that was last browsed. The document is opened and set to edit.

  • body can contain full Markdown text and calculations.

  • title will become the file name and should not have a file extension attached.


calca://x-callback-url/calc?body=[[body]]&x-success=[[output callback url]]

calc a block of text and return it to the calling application. The text is computed in the same way as if it were opened in Calca: all lines with => are computed and the values written out.

This is a great way to turn any app into a mini Calca!

  • body can range from a simple query suchas as 2+2=> to a full document.

  • x-success is a URL to open after the text has been calculated. If the URL contains the string [[output]], it is replaced with the fully calculated text.